Main fishing techniques


We recommand our electric nets hauler 920 or NH200 and our manual nets hauler 921.

Gill net fishing

Fishing technique

Nets are passive fishing devices and this technique is considered as selective due to the different sizes of the meshes. Two types of nets are used for fishing and they vary depending on the species fished:

  • The trammel is used to catch deep sea fish (plaice, sole, turbo, etc.).
  • The gill net is used as a trap for fish shoal (hakes, mackerels, red mullets, etc.).

The method consists of shooting the nets from the rear of the boat and in the direction of the wind. For your safety, avoid wearing any items like a watch which could get caught in the nets when dropping them in the sea.

A buoy is attached at either end of the net so that the fisherman can easily locate it. Nets are usually left fishing for a day.

Then the fisherman will proceed to its retrieval. Nets hauling is done either manually or with a nets hauler which facilitates the retrieval of the nets.


  • Trammel:
    Net set vertically in the water composed of three net layers (different mesh sizes).
  • Net:
    Device creating a barrier of meshes which is stretched by a float line and a lead line (set on the seabed).
  • Gill net (or meshed net):
    Net composed of a single net layer.
  • Layer:
    Braided lines defining meshes usually of a losange shape and of uneven sizes.
  • Float line:
    Rope with internal and erternal floats.
  • Lead line:
    Rope with sinkers, is longer than the float line.
  • Nets hauler:
    Equipment fixed on the bulkhead of the boat and use to haul nets.

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