Main fishing techniques


We recommand our electric fishing reel Pro 900, the manual reels 300 and 205 or the electronic jigging fishing reel BJ5000 or DNG C6000i and the electric downriggerJigging fishing reel DNG C6000i.

Sea angling

Fishing technique

Lines are the most common fishing devices. Sea angling is the most popular leisure and sport fishing technique due to its excitement and physical activity.

Different sea angling techniques:

  • Still fishing: is the only fishing technique which is done from an anchored boat. The fisherman waits for the fish to come to his bait. Chumming can be used to attract fish to your fishing spot.
  • Drift fishing: allows you to fish at various depths of water as you boat drifts with the currents and the wind.

Still and drift fishing, trolling are some deep sea fishing techniques.

  • Trolling: is an efficient fishing technique where one or several lines are tracted behind a moving boat at variable controled speed and depth. You can distinguish light trolling (surface to mid-depth) such as paravane and heavy trolling which requires adapted fishing equipment such as electric fishing reel Pro 900.
  • Jigging: is an active sea angling method which consists of moving up and down the baits or lures. It can be done when still, drift or trolling fishing. This technique makes it easy to explore varied depths (bottom, surface, etc). It can be done manually or with an automatic jigging machine BJ5000 and DNG C6000i.


  • Downrigger : big game fishing technique which allows to fish at precise depths and the use of much lighter tackle in deep waters. The fisherman is let free to fight the catch without the sinker weight. The line of the sinker is lowered and raised with the downrigger. A system or release clip is attached to the sinker line and is holding the fishing line in place but as soon as a strike is felt, it frees the fishing line from the clip. It can be done with an electric downrigger.


  • Line:
    Monofilament or braided line with a baited hook or lure attached to it.
  • Chumming:
    Mixture of shredded fish (sardines, mackerels, etc.) used to attract fish to your fishing spot.
  • Chum grinder:
    Electric equipment used to grind fish (sardines, mackerels, etc.) to obtain a paste to mix with your bait.  
  • Jigging:
    Action of varying the depth of your line by raising and dropping it. 3 types of jigging: drift jigging, stationary jigging or trolling jigging.
  • Paravane:
    A trolling depth controller which raises to the surface when there is a strike.
  • Release clip:
    System used with the downrigger. It is a clip with a tension adjuster.

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