• Fish without the sinker weight
  • compact
  • one speed


  • automatic line release
  • rapid snap link


Downrigger 12V: SARD012

Electric downrigger

Electric downrigger


The electric donwrigger from Sardamatic is efficient, small and light.

This product is using for downrigger fishing. The downrigger will retrieve the sinker without any effort from yourself, the fisherman will fight only with the fish and not with the weight of both the fish and the sinker.

The cable is stocked on the drum of the downrigger, you place the sinker at the end of it as well as the automatic line release. At the other end of the automatic line release, the fishing line is attached to it. When a fish bites, the tension on the line releases the automatic line release and you are left battling with just the fish. It is ideal when you are alone. 

Its frame is made of stainless steel.

Technical information

    • Motor : 12 V CC
    • Max consumption : 1 Ah
    • Max speed : 18 tr/min
    • Switch : On/ Off 
    • Fuse : 4 A
    • Dimensions : 23 x 21 x 84 cm
    •  Net weight : 4.5 kg

 Download the technical datasheet: electric downrigger

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