• fishing hauling: 90 kg
    • sheaves 4 to 10mm
    • directional on its foot
    • stainless steel & waterproof
    • quiet motor

Provided with

    • a installation foot
    • electric plugs


  • 12 Volts: REF LH200

Electric pots lines hauler LH200


Ideal for lifting pots or lines without any efforts.

The electric lines hauler LH200 is the bestseller of Northlift. Aimed at leisure and small professional fishermen, it is ideal to retrieve lines and pots without effort. It works with lines and ropes of 4 to 10mm.

The lines hauler LH200 has a davit arm with an open pulley, stainless steel sheaves 320mm, a rope presser and an ejector knife. The hauling requires little help.

To ease its storage, the pulley attaches itself to the davit arm and the davit arm is also foldable.

Waterproof and strong built.

Technical information

  • Motor: 12V CC
  • Absorbed power: 600 W
  • Max consumption: 45 Ah
  • Max speed: 45 m/min
  • Fishing traction: 90 kg
  • Dimensions: 90 x 65 x 30 cm
  • Net weight: 18 kg

 Download the technical datasheet: electric lines pots hauler LH200

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