• 20cm: REF ALV 020
  • 25cm: REF ALV 025
  • 25cm XL: REF ALV GC25



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It is a real manual fishing reel which eases your trolling fishing performances (ideal for paravanes, etc).

Nylon or braids are stored on the drum, avoiding lines distortions / tangling (unlike traditional fishing winder).The line keeps its original characteristics.

The handcaster is hold by its central handle (except for the 25 cm XL version).

The line is released by its own weight on the conical part of the handcaster and is stopped by a simple turn of your wrist.

Technical information

  • Choice of 3 handcasters:

20 cm = 300m of line 1mm

25cm =  550m of line  1mm

25cm XL = 700m of line 1mm

  • Made in plastic, resists to knocks and UVs
  • Assorted colours: red, green and blue

Download the technical datasheet: handcaster

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