• intelligent fishing reel 
  • pre-defined jigging programs
  • communication between DNG machines

Provided with

  • a pulley to guide the line
  • 10m of cable


  • Electronic jigging fishing reel: REF DNG C6000i

Electronic jigging fishing reel DNG C6000i

Efficient, strong built & waterproof


The jigging reel DNG C6000i is a fully automatic fishing machine.  It pays out the line and detects when the sinker hits the bottom, positions the hooks at a desired distance from it and performs jigging action with desired length, speed and type.  

It detects when fish bites the hooks and hauls the catch up to the surface.  The user is in full control of all parameters of the jigging and can also set parameters concerning weather, ocean currents and bottom conditions. 

Your fishing efficiency will improve as the line is always in or out the water. You optimize your fishing time if you use a mackerel stripper with this machine.

Main fonctions

  • Integrated and customized fishing systems.
  • Fishing system for squid and mackerel.
  • Communication between machines. 
  • Low power consumption, high efficiency. 
  • Works in 12V and 24V CC. 
  • Search system.

Technical information

    • Votlage: 12V/ 24V
    • Absorbed power: 20 to 250W
    • Max consumption: 4Ah for 12V, 2Ah for 24V 
    • Traction (in air): 35kg (12V) & 55 kg (24V)
    • Net weight: 20 kg

Download the technical datasheet: electronic jigging fishing reel DNG C6000i

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