• Ideal to remove fish
    • Stainless steel


  • Mackerel stripper: 950

Mackerel stripper

electric chum grinder

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The mackerel stripper 950 removes automatically fish from the fishing lines, without having to stop your fishing reel. You are fishing continuously as the fishing line is immediately back in the water.

The line goes through the mackerel stripper, the fish is unhooked and falls directly into a catch container (due to the slope).

The hooks spacing can be adjusted according to their sizes. This equipment is fixed on the bulkhead of the boat and is made in stainless steel. It is made in starboard and port side version.

Technical characterisitics

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Dimensions: 55 x 51 x 38 cm
  • Net weight: 15 kg

Download the technical datasheet: mackerel stripper

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