Installation kit

The electric haulers reference 910 and 930 are delivered with its standard installation kit.   

All these equipments incorporate a transport handle. Their davit arms are removable to reduce and facilitate their storage.

Elements provided

    • Stainless steel foot: self-blocking and multiple positions
    • Male electric plug 16A, waterproof
    • Female electric socket 16A, waterproof
    • 1 spare fuse 16A
    • 3 stainless steels screws (TFHc 8x30)


- Stainless steel foot self-blocking : REF 930 600
It is made of a fixation plate for the bulkhead with a stainless steel guiding tube (length: 130mm). Its star shape enables to orientate the square tube of our electric haulers and fishing reels. Therefore, our equipments can be self-blocked in one of the 8 positions.

- Male electric plug 16A, waterproof: REF A000332
Pre-installed on the cable (length: 80cm) of the electric equipment. 

- Female electric socket 16A, waterproof: REF A000333
Ready to install. 

Download the technical datasheet: installation kit


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